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Last updated: January, 2021

Any information contained in any part of the Site whose homepage is located at https://didacticbusiness.com (the “Site” or “our Site”) is provided in accordance with these Legal Considerations and its Annexes and the specific Legal Notices that may be found in specific parts of the Site on a particular subject (collectively the Legal Considerations and its Annexes, the Privacy Policies and such specific Notices hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”).

The Terms and Conditions as well as the Information about the Service shall apply to all visitors to the Site, including Users of the Service (students), from the first moment they access the Site (“User”).

The Terms and Conditions may be modified in whole or in part only by the Holder of the Service, and such changes and implementations shall be effective from the moment they are published or inserted in the Site or from the moment the User is notified by any means, whichever occurs first. Therefore, we suggest that you visit them periodically.

Violations of the Terms and Conditions will generate the right in favor of the Owner of the Service to suspend or terminate the provision of service to the User who has made them, by action or omission.


The Service is a service that aims to provide the User with all types of information related to education, including, among other things, courses, notes, articles, publications of interest and any other information that is related to education at all levels.

The Service is provided by DIDACTIC BUSINESS  and/or its affiliates (collectively referred to as “the Service Holder”), and will be provided only to those Users who agree to adhere to all the terms and conditions set out in the General Terms and Conditions, and all their annexes, published below.

The information contained in the Service, including that included in the Service by reference, is compiled through a variety of sources, including contributions from Content Providers.

In no event shall the information contained in the Site be deemed to be exhaustive, complete, or in any way capable of meeting all of the User’s needs. In the vast majority of cases, the information contained in the Site is simply intended to enable the User to access a greater quantity of data on the subject of his/her interest, and this data is generally provided by third parties unconnected with DIDACTIC BUSINESS,  without any effective possibility of control by the latter at the time of entering it. For this reason, we suggest that the User reads these Terms and Conditions with special care, since they will be the only document that governs both our responsibilities and obligations with respect to your security, and the conduct that the User must maintain at all times for his or her own safety, that of the rest of the Users, and the provision of a good and continuous Service.


DIDACTIC BUSINESS,  as well as most other Internet sites, receives funds from third parties to advertise their products, services and/or companies. However, we expressly mention that the User, as a User or visitor to our Site, may feel confident that DIDACTIC BUSINESS.COM will not allow external influences to affect the quality of the material on the Site. Below are some of the guidelines used to manage the use of advertising on our Site:   

a) DIDACTIC BUSINESS  in all cases, maintains complete independence in editing the information that the Site officially publishes.

b) All advertisements and/or sponsorships will be clearly understood as paid messages.

Responsibility for the Information contained in the Service:

DIDACTIC BUSINESS will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused by the use of the information provided through the Service.

As the technical means available at present do not allow us to guarantee the absolute lack of interference by the actions of third parties in the websites published on the Internet, DIDACTIC BUSINESS does not in any way guarantee the accuracy and/or truthfulness of all or part of the information contained in the Service, nor its updating, nor that this information has been altered or modified, in whole or in part, after being included in the Service, nor any other aspect or characteristic of the information provided through the Service or through the links eventually included in it.

In all cases, any User who feels aggrieved or suffers harm due to the Information on the Service, must direct his actions or claims exclusively against the Information Provider of the aggrieved information, expressly waiving any type of action against DIDACTIC BUSINESS. In all cases, and to the extent of its availability, DIDACTIC BUSINESS may provide the aggrieved User, on receipt by the Site Owner of a written report by the User of the aggrieved or harmful event, with the necessary data so that the User can contact the Information Provider that caused the damage, and direct his actions against it.


In all cases in which, by virtue of the Service, contracts for the purchase and sale of products or the provision of Services or any other type of contract are concluded between one or more Users (“Buyer User”) and one or more suppliers of such products or services, DIDACTIC BUSINESS (the “Seller”) will not be liable for any damage that may occur to the User and/or other suppliers as a result of the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of their respective obligations contained in the said contracts of sale or provision of Services.

DIDACTIC BUSINESS can only initially verify the products that the Sellers can offer through the Service (this refers to advertising through our pages of products or services that are not offered by DIDACTIC BUSINESS), and subsequently does not intervene in any way in the transactions or sales operations between the Buyer Users and the Sellers of products and services, and therefore cannot have control over the quality, security, content or legality of the products and services, or the capacity and authorization of the Sellers to sell and of the Buyer Users to buy.

Therefore, in no case will DIDACTIC BUSINESS assume any responsibility towards the Buyer User for the fulfilment of the Seller’s obligations, and in particular, but without limitation, DIDACTIC BUSINESS does not assume any responsibility for:

i) The quality of the products or services eventually offered by the Seller or contracted by the Buyer User.

ii) The damage caused to the User, and/or his or her property, to third party beneficiaries of the products or services and/or their property, due to the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of the Seller’s obligations or any other cause attributable to the Seller, or due to the risk or defects inherent in the thing transmitted.

iii) The imprecision or alteration of the prices provided by the Seller to the Buyer User or to the Service.

iv) Any failure by the Seller to comply with its obligations under applicable law, in particular, but without limitation, those obligations imposed on it by the Mexican Consumer Protection Act.

v) The solvency of the Buyer Users or Sellers; DIDACTIC BUSINESS will not be responsible either for the quality, quantity, state, integrity or legitimacy of the virtual products (courses) offered, acquired by the Buyer Users or sold by the Sellers, or for the Buyer or Seller Users’ capacity to contract.

vi) The quality, eviction, defects, perfect titles, functioning, or any other guarantee regarding the digital products (courses) or services that are the object of the transactions between the Users.

vii) DIDACTIC BUSINESS does not guarantee the veracity of third party advertising that appears on the screen and will not be responsible for correspondence or messages, electronic or otherwise and on any other support that the Buyer User enters into with third parties that publish their products or with any Seller.

viii) The security of payments made through public telecommunications networks, or any other telematics means.

In the event of any legal action or claim between Buyer and Seller Users, the latter will indemnify DIDACTIC BUSINESS and its employees from any liability and will hold it harmless from any costs it may incur as a result of or in connection with its intervention, in whatever capacity it may be required to do so, in any legal or administrative proceedings in which it may have to participate in connection with such claim or legal action.

By virtue of the foregoing, both the Buyer and the Seller expressly waive any claim or legal action against DIDACTIC BUSINESS, which has any relationship with the contractual or non-contractual relations between them generated by the Service.

Limitation of liability:

Except in those cases in which DIDACTIC BUSINESS’ liability may be limited by means of a Specific Policy, in any other case in which DIDACTIC BUSINESS or the Information Providers are liable, either individually or jointly, for any kind of damage linked to the Service, the amount of the same will not exceed in full the remuneration paid by the User for the use of the information in question or the Service provided, as the case may be.

This limitation will apply to any type of compensation that DIDACTIC BUSINESS and/or the Information Providers may have to pay due to any legal rule, or any legal theory, but it will not apply to those cases in which DIDACTIC BUSINESS or the Information Providers are found responsible for damages caused to the health or physical integrity of those Users who have not violated the Terms and Conditions below, or the Operating Policies.

In the latter case, DIDACTIC BUSINESS or the Information Providers will only be liable if the User was not sufficiently prevented, either by the Service or by any other means, prior to the harmful event, from occurring the claimed damage.

With regard to those programs, materials or information that have been made available to the User so that he can download them onto his computer, system or any medium or memory support that he owns or possesses (“download materials”) by DIDACTIC BUSINESS or any Information Provider, DIDACTIC BUSINESS informs that initially these programs were checked for the purpose of considering them free of viruses, or other technological means of a destructive nature.

Therefore, DIDACTIC BUSINESS will not be liable for any damage arising from any alteration made to the download materials provided directly by DIDACTIC BUSINESS by third parties unrelated to DIDACTIC BUSINESS, nor for those download materials which have been inserted by Information Providers or any other third party unrelated to DIDACTIC BUSINESS, without the express authorization of DIDACTIC BUSINESS. In all cases, if there are necessary and low-cost means for the User to verify whether the Download Material is harmful, it will be the exclusive responsibility of the User to verify that there is no possibility of harmful effects on its software or hardware that such Download Material may cause.

Linked Sites:

The Service makes every effort to keep its site free of offensive, immoral, pornographic or illegal materials, and the same is true of those sites linked to the Service through links or any other type of telematics link (the “Linked Sites”).

With respect to the Linked Sites, the User understands that the Internet contains materials of all kinds, both edited and unedited, some of which may contain material that is offensive to you or your family. Your access, or that of your family, to these materials is considered to be at your exclusive risk, as DIDACTIC BUSINESS, and/or the Information Providers have no control over such content, and therefore are not responsible for the content of the Linked Sites or the damage that this may cause to the User and/or his family.


1. Equipment. DIDACTIC BUSINESS shall not provide any equipment or software program. The User must make available, at his own account and cost, all resources, whether computerized or not, including but not limited to telecommunications or other equipment and services necessary to access the Service.

2. Policies for the Use of the Service. The User agrees to comply with all the provisions of the Policies for Use of the Service established in Annex A, and the modifications that DIDACTIC BUSINESS makes to them, which will be considered rules that will regulate the User’s activity in relation to the Service. DIDACTIC BUSINESS reserves the right to eliminate or modify any information, communication, downloadable material or message that DIDACTIC BUSINESS in its opinion violates the Policies of Use.   

3. Copyright. The Copyright on any information contained in the Site is duly registered by DIDACTIC BUSINESS, and/or the Information Providers and/or their respective owners, or those applicable, respectively. The respective owners will at all times hold the intellectual property of such information. The information and downloadable materials that are licensed by virtue of the Service may be displayed, always subject to any express legal restriction or limitation regarding the specific information or downloadable material, exclusively for the purpose of non-commercial use thereof.

Any redistribution, retransmission or publication of any material is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the respective owner or author. In all cases in which the notices related to the ownership of the information or material to be downloaded are displayed on screen, the User may not modify or delete them in any way.

In the event that the User sends downloadable materials or information of any kind that requires a license, the User agrees to grant DIDACTIC BUSINESS and the Users of the Service a perpetual, free, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license, including among the rights granted by the same the right to sublicense, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works thereof, display and publicly perform any download material and/or other information that integrates the information or download materials sent by The User to DIDACTIC BUSINESS (including, without limitation, ideas contained to renew or improve products and services), whether these have been inserted by The User in the publicly accessible areas of the Service (including but not limited to bulletin boards, discussion forums, chat rooms) or included in any area of the Service by virtue of other means or ways already known or to be developed in the future. Therefore, the User waives any claim or action against DIDACTIC BUSINESS or the Users of the Service for any possible or actual violation of any intellectual property rights in the information or materials downloaded by the User].

4. Control of Contents: Neither the country, nor DIDACTIC BUSINESS nor other authorities review or control the communications and materials located or entered into the Service by any User of the Service or the Information Providers. Therefore, DIDACTIC BUSINESS is not responsible for the content of these communications and materials. However, and in any event, DIDACTIC BUSINESS reserves the right to block access to or remove in part or in full any communication or material that in its sole judgment may be (a) abusive, defamatory or obscene, (b) fraudulent, artificial or misleading, (c) in violation of copyright, trademarks or any intellectual property rights of a third party or (d) offensive or otherwise in violation of Annex A of these Terms and Conditions or in any other manner deemed inconvenient for DIDACTIC BUSINESS.   

5. Indemnification: The User agrees to defend and hold harmless DIDACTIC BUSINESS, and any of its dependents, licensors, suppliers and licensees (collectively referred to herein as “Service Providers”) from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including attorneys’ fees and any other professional fees as necessary, arising out of any violation of applicable laws and regulations, and to the Terms and Conditions when such violation is carried out, by action or omission, by The User or by any person accessing the Service using his/her account.

6. Term. The provisions of paragraphs 4 (Copyright and License), 5 (Use of the Service), 6 (Indemnification), 7 (Third Party Rights) and 9 (Miscellaneous) shall continue in effect even after User cancels its registration to the Service.

7. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law. Any relationship that is generated by virtue of the visitor’s access to our Site between the visitor or user and DIDACTIC BUSINESS and/or the relationship that is generated between the Owner of the Site and the registered User will be governed and agreed upon in full compliance with the laws of the Republic of Mexico, to the exclusion of any rules of its system of private international law or that refer to the application of any law that is not Mexican.

8. Waivers. Failure by DIDACTIC BUSINESS to comply strictly with any clause of these Terms and Conditions will not be interpreted as a waiver of any rights or actions of DIDACTIC BUSINESS.

9. Integration. In the event that any part of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid by any authority, the rest of the parts will remain fully valid and in force. In all cases in which this is possible, DIDACTIC BUSINESS reserves the right to integrate and interpret the parts not declared invalid by the said authority.

10. Trademarks. DIDACTIC BUSINESS is a registered trademark of DIDACTIC BUSINESS. Any other trademarks or logos, whether product or service marks, which appear on the Service may be owned by the Service or by other parties, including third parties not affiliated to DIDACTIC BUSINESS. The User may not make any use of these trademarks without the prior consent of the respective owners of the same.

11. Notifications. DIDACTIC BUSINESS may notify the User of any issue related to the current relationship between the User and DIDACTIC BUSINESS and/or the present Terms and Conditions, by means of e-mail, a general communication inserted in the information boards inserted in the Service or by written communication on paper sent by mail to the address provided by the User at the time of registration for the Service.

At any time, the User may notify DIDACTIC BUSINESS by e-mail to support@didacticbusiness.com or by prepaid mail or courier to the following address


Avenida Homero, #203, Piso #8, Colonia Polanco 5 Secc, C.P. 11560, Alcaldia Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX, México.

PHONE: 1 800 523 5316


Service Use Policies:

These policies will govern your conduct with respect to use of the Service. Failure by the User to comply with these policies may result in the suspension or termination of the User’s access to the Service and, as the case may be, in the eventual adoption of legal action against the User

1. Requirements. All Users must be at least 18 years of age to register for the Service in their own name. If you are a minor, you can only register through your parents or legal representatives.

The User must inform DIDACTIC BUSINESS as soon as possible of any changes in the information provided by the User to DIDACTIC BUSINESS at the time of registration, including changes of address or name.

2. Access Account. When the User initially registers for the Service, the User may be required to enter a User ID (“USER ID”) and a Personal Password (the “Personal Password”) which must be created by the User or provided by the Service. DIDACTIC BUSINESS, at its sole discretion and for any reason whatsoever, reserves the right to reject or modify any Personal Password chosen by the User.

3. Communications. In all cases in which the User participates in on-line communications (chat, teleconference, videoconference, etc), the User must be aware that these occur in real time and cannot be edited, censored or controlled in any other way by DIDACTIC BUSINESS. Without prejudice to the above, DIDACTIC BUSINESS reserves the right to control the content during the Service and to exclude such content when DIDACTIC BUSINESS, in its sole discretion, determines that it may be offensive, or in any way violate these Policies for Use of the Service for the Users of the Service (“Users”).    

4. Users may not send or transmit any type of message anonymously or under a false name. Users must prevent any other person, not acting on behalf of and under the supervision of the User, from accessing the Service using the User’s account, for any purpose. Any information submitted using User’s account will be deemed to have been submitted by that User.

5. Users may not send or transmit any message, data or information that is libelous, defamatory or that reveals personal or private matters of any person other than the User. Users may not send or transmit any type of message or information, images or programs that are indecent, obscene or pornographic.

6. Users may not send or transmit any type of message, data, information, images or programs that violate the property rights of others, including those messages, data, information, images or programs whose sending constitutes the unauthorized use of texts, images or programs protected by intellectual property laws, commercial secrets or any other confidential information, or the improper use of product or service brands.

7. Users may not send to DIDACTIC BUSINESS or to other Users or transmit to the Site or to other Users any files containing viruses, computer instructions, circuits and/or any other contaminating or destructive technological means and/or defects.

8. Users may not send or transmit messages or information that is harmful, intimidating, abusive or hateful. The Service is not intended to discourage Users from exercising their right to free expression; notwithstanding this, DIDACTIC BUSINESS reserves the right to take the actions that correspond to it in cases where the Service is used to disseminate information that is deeply and widely offensive, harmful to other Users or DIDACTIC BUSINESS, or illegal.

9. In those cases in which the Users wish to send their publications or material or information to be included in our Site, the Users will not be able to do so: (a) send or transmit an article to more than 5 (five) areas of the Service; (b) send or insert to any area in which their topic is not related, (c) send unsolicited e-mails, in bulk, to other Users.


About the operation of the courses:

– All the courses are through Internet in the modality of distance courses or online courses (eLearning).

– The courses are configured to the rhythm, computer, operating system and previous knowledge that the student has.

– The classes and exercises are taken from our educational platform (virtual classroom) which is accessed by a personal user name and password.

Once you enter the learning platform or virtual classroom the different access options will appear.

The lessons and exercises can be found in the option Courses.

– In our distance learning courses it is not necessary to be connected permanently or at a specific time. You can access the course 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

– You don’t need to have the programs installed. Most of our online courses simulate the operation of the programs and in other cases we send you (or indicate download sites) at no cost to the student “demos” versions of the programs that the courses deal with.

– Immediate start: courses start the same day or the day after the registration date.

– If the student wishes to start on a different date, he or she may do so. For example, it is common for users to take advantage of a discount promotion on a certain date but due to scheduling problems or holidays they cannot start on the Monday following the payment date. In this case or similar, the start can be delayed up to two months.

– The lessons can be printed for later reading or stored in PDF or HTML format.

– The duration of the courses is flexible in order to take into account the little free time that people who take distance learning courses usually have. The estimated duration of the syllabus is 1 or 2 hours per day of study. If the course takes longer, there is no extra cost.

– It is recommended to dedicate one or two hours per day to the course. You can dedicate more time and finish the course earlier (intensive mode).

– Each lesson has one or more exercises and there is also a test per module. There is no need to take a test in person.

– The estimated duration for all courses has been more than sufficient for 80-90 % of the students in all courses.

– No previous knowledge is required to take the courses unless otherwise stated in the course syllabus. For example, if in a course of PHP programming the student does not know HTML, a module on the subject will be enabled at no additional cost.

– What is the difference between courses with a teacher and without a teacher? In courses with a teacher, the teacher answers questions, corrects exercises, makes recommendations or can chat with the students. In the courses without a teacher the course works automatically, the exercises are multiple choice, single answer, relate definitions or fill in blanks. The lack of a teacher does not mean that fewer topics are covered. Both types of courses provide the same study material and the proposals and exercises are the same.

– The courses can be taken in an intensive way dedicating more hours per day. There is no limit to the number of lessons or exercises you can do per day. Except in the case of payment in installments by bank or postal transfer where modules will be enabled as payments are received. The same does not apply to payments made by credit or debit card where more modules can be enabled depending on the payment method.

– A student who drops out of a course can take it up again. In each case, the way in which the student will resume the course will be analyzed.

– The courses are in English.

– The courses can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Operating system and software requirements:

For the Internet courses of Computer Science, Design, Multimedia, Programming and languages:


a) If you use Windows operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

b) If you use Linux : Firefox browser 1.5 or higher, and Mono framework version 1.2.6 or higher.

c) If you use Mac you must have installed OSX Leopard or higher and that it is of Intel architecture. For the courses to work in this case you must install the latest version of the Mono framework.+


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